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zftn Zombie Farm

Role: Producer

Synopsis: Hell has been unleashed on the small town of Muerto Verde when inbred cannibal farmers are turned into zombies after Taliban warriors poison the local water supply. The only hope for humanity are two FBI agents and four party-crazed college students.

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ahtn Aaron's House

Role: Executive Producer

Synopsis: A paranormal researcher sets out to debunk the legends surrounding the infamous Aaron's House.

Website / Trailer #1 / Trailer #2 / Trailer #3

Screenings: October 19th and 20th in conjunction with The Grove Haunt, Sanger, CA

tbetn The Black Earth

Role: Associate Producer; writer of a "one off" line of dialogue

Synopsis: A zombie apocalypse has begun in the village of Black Earth, Wisconsin. But two outcast rednecks with a 12-pack of beer, a baseball bat, and a boat paddle plan to save their home town and the world... one beer at a time.

Website / Trailer #1 / Trailer #2

Screenings: World Premiere November 3rd, at the legendary Plaza Theatre, Atlanta, GA

Still Active

watertn Waterman Movie

Role: Animated Background Character; Special Thanks

Synopsis: When famed comedy rock duo 16Buttons of Justice is informed of the tremendous failure that is the 16Buttons of Justice TV Show, the duo must come up with a plan to send ratings through the roof, before the show is cancelled. Soon after hearing that Ready Espanosa, father to 16Buttons of Justice front man Raccoon X. Espanosa and world famous explorer, has gone missing, the duo decides to document their own rescue attempt to save the greatest adventurer of all time.

Website / First 2 min of movie

iadtn I Am Divine: A Bigger Than Life Documentary

Role: Special Thanks

Synopsis: The true story of the most beautiful woman in the world.

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culttn Cult: Whisper Of A Cruel God

Role: Producer

Synopsis: CULT follows a Tommy, a young reporter, as he ventures up to the woods of Northern Maine to spend 30 days with a radical religious cult. The cults head council is spending 30 days in the woods preparing for their leaders ascension to Godhood. They have asked Tommy to document “the last month of human existence.” As the date of ascension draws near, tensions rise between members of the council and Tommy is caught in the middle.


zetn Zombie Elves

Role: Special Thanks

Synopsis: What would it take to get Santa Claus really pissed? Turn his beloved elves into zombies, of course!


osftn The 1 Second Film (Charity Fundraiser)

Executive Producer

Synposis: 1 Second of Animation
There are 24 frames in a single second of film. Our one-second of film is animated. Each frame of our animation is a giant painting (5ft x 9ft) created in one night by hundreds of people during a big party. People at the party helped paint the paintings, and the finished paintings animate like a giant flipbook.



yitn Yumi In Love (You Me Love)


soatn Smile Of April


Singles (TV Dramedy)

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