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gyp The Graveyard Poet by Steve Santini

Between these covers lurk your darkest nightmares; a place where vampires, demons, cannibals, and human monsters all stalk the misty plains of the decidedly demented realm. With a twisted imagination firmly rooted in the pit of our deepest terrors and loathing, author Steve Santini unlocks a Pandora's Box of fearsome prose, purposely crafted with a master's hand to chill the blood and disturb the mind. This is the netherworld of The Graveyard Poet. A shadowy land where mere words have grown razor sharp teeth along with an unholy, insatiable hunger for warm human flesh. Buy from Amazon.com

gyp2 The Graveyard Poet 2: Evil Walks A Hurried Path by Steve Santini

This volume is more than a book. A state of mind, a fevered thought, or perhaps a shadow on the wall when no one is there to cast it. In this, the second installment of The Graveyard Poet series, author Steve Santini pulls out all the stops to deliver a chilling book of prose that reaches deep into your guts and gives them a savage twist. The tales are about to begin. Pull up a tombstone, make yourself comfortable,and light a candle made from human fat. And pray, just pray, that candle never burns out! Buy from Amazon.com

coc The Catalog Of Cruelty by Steve Santini

Restrain - Torture - Execute While such practices may seem barbaric in our modern day "civilized" society, in medieval times brutal devices of restraint, cruel tortures, and unimaginable methods of execution were used to both punish and also to send strong messages of deterrence. With over 100 photos and illustrations and drawing on his own impressive personal collection, author Steve Santini separates fact from fiction as he explores these sinister devices and how they fuctioned within the dark framework of medieval justice. Buy from Amazon.com

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