tni2 Paranominal: America's Real Life Paranormal Activity

These locations are the "Amityville House" of their State but may not be known beyond their region. Follow the author as he showcases one haunted location in each State. Learn the horror behind Aaron's House in Verde Hills, California; find out what really happened at Katy's Church in Millville, Pennsylvania and for the first time in print, read the truth about Andrew's Rainbow House in Seattle, Washington. Learn facts about the towns or apparitions involved in the haunted location. Find out a little bit of history on the exact locations and the people who deemed themselves restless. Also inside find a second FREE booklet.

Paranominal was released Spring 2011 and by fall was one of the top sellers, in the genre, on Amazon it also ranked 300,000 overall which is pretty good considering there are over 20,000,000 title for sale on TRIVIA: It is rumored that a character will be spotted reading this book in the movie Aaron's House. Buy your copy at - - B&

tni1 ...and yet you continue to provoke the night

The internal struggle and sadness that only we can know, when alone in our darkest hour. The life changing joy and absolute euphoria we rarely feel. The pain of tragedy, when your whole world implodes and nothing will ever be as it was. ...and yet you continue to provoke the night brings the darkest poetic essence of our lives to the forefront for all to feel.

Often misunderstood but much loved by those that have read it AYYCTPTN is a love letter if you will a collection of poems dedicated to a young woman who was murdered at a young age simply for being in the right place at the wrong time. The sale of this book used to benifit charity but the fundraising project was stalled just as it was gaining momentum. TRIVIA: Due to the ... (elipises) this book is usually listed first in alphebebical lists of books.You can still obtain a copy at - - B&


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